VueGlow is a simple vue component that allows any element to be given a glow / colored elevation Effect. VueGlow was initially built to extend vuetify's capabilities, however it will work equally well without Vuetify. The dynamic glow effect was done in pure css meaning no additional dependencies.


npm install vue-glow


import VueGlow from 'vue-glow';

Basic Usage


<VueGlow color="red" intense >
  I am GLOWING bright red!

<VueGlow :color="#3535ff" mode="hex">
  I am using hex colors!

<VueGlow :color="{ r: 33, g: 66, b: 99 }" mode="rgb">
  I am using rbg colors!


Prop Effect Default
color Changes the color of the glow. Can either be a color name, hex, a RGB dict, HSL dict, or HSV dict. "red"
mode Changes the mode of the color input. Can be 'name', 'hex', 'rgb', or 'hsl'. "name"
elevation Changes the elevation effect of the glow. Can be a number between 0-24. 12
intensity Customize the intensity of the glow. Can be a number between 0-4. 1
intense Doubles the intensity of the glow. false
rounded Allows a border radius to be specified. 4px
tile No border radius. false
disabled Disables the glow effect. Disabling will pause any animation. false


Use the fade prop to make VueGlow changes it's colors. Set the animation speed with the interval prop.
Note, animation can result in poor performance at very high animation speeds.

<VueGlow fade interval="100" >
  I am slowly changing colors!
Prop Effect Default
fade Glow changes hue over time. Animation speed can be changed with the interval prop. false
interval Sets the animation speed. Speed is in ms. Default is 50. 50
reversed Reverses the animation. false