This project is a Pokemon Application based on the API provided by


This application, built on PHP Laravel and the front-end framework of Vue, is an attempt to suffice the specifications indicated as follows:

  • Make a web app using Laravel + Vue with the following requirements:- User Authentication and Sign-up
  • Once the user is logged in, they will see all the available pokemon from API
  • The user can choose their favorite pokemon from the list of pokemon.
  • The user can choose 3 pokemon that they like.
  • The user can choose 3 pokemon that they hate.
  • The user can see the list of other users, their favorite liked, and hated pokemon.
  • The project must then be contained in a git repository (Github/GitLab/bitbucket/etc.).
  • The user must be able to update his first name, last name, and birthday.
  • Feel free to add more fields that you like.
  • Feel free to create your own design (showcase your design skills).
  • Feel free to choose the CSS/front-end UI library of your choice.


  • Clone this repo:
  • Run composer install to install Laravel dependecies.
  • Run npm install to install Vue and other Node packages.
  • Database Setup: Option 1: Import database provided in the SQL folder. Create your .env file. The database name is laravel-vue. or Option 2: Create .env file and use your preferred database name. Run php artisan migrate.
  • Run php artisan serve to start the Laravel backend, and npm run dev for Vue
  • If you chose option 1 on the database setup, these are some pseudo user accounts for the application:

Necessary Versions:

  • Vue 3
  • Axios 0.25
  • PHP 8
  • Laravel 9
  • Boostrap 5


Tags: Vue JS, Laravel, Boostrap 5, Full Stack Development, Pokemon AP

Developed by: Ryan Arcel Galendez, MIT


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