Spreadsheet data grid component. Handles enormous data processing.

Key Features

  • Millions of cells viewport with a powerful core in-build by default;
  • Keayboard support with excel like focus;
  • Super light initial starter Min size. Can be imported with polifill or as module for modern browsers;
  • Intelligent Virtual DOM and smart row recombination in order to achieve less redraws;
  • Sorting (multiple options, can be customized per column and advanced with events);
  • Filtering
    • Predefined system filters;
    • Preserve existing collection;
    • Custom filters (extend existing system filters with your own set);
  • Export to file;
  • Custom sizes per Column and Row;
  • Column resizing;
  • Autosize support (Column size based on content);
  • Pinned/Sticky/Freezed:
    • Columns (define left or right);
    • Rows (define top or bottom);
  • Column grouping;
  • Cell editing;
  • Customizations:
    • Header template;
    • Cell template (build your own cell view);
    • Cell editor (apply your own editors and cell types);
    • Cell properties (build you own properties around rendered cells);
  • Column types;
    • Text/String (default);
    • Number;
    • Select;
    • Date;
    • Custom (take any type as template and create your own extended style);
  • Drag and drop rows;
  • Range operations:
    • Selection;
    • Edit;
  • Theme packages:
    • Excel like (default)
    • Material (compact, dark or light);
  • Copy/Paste (copy/paste from Excel, Google Sheets or any other sheet format);
  • Easy extenation and support with modern VNode features and tsx support;
  • Trimmed rows (hide rows on demand);
  • Plugin system (create your own plugins or extend existing one, it's transparent and easy);
  • Hundred others small customizations and improvements RevoGrid.


The RevoGrid component helps represent a huge amount of data in a form of data table "excel like" or as list.

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How to use

With NPM:

npm i @revolist/vue-datagrid --save;

With Yarn:

yarn add @revolist/vue-datagrid;


  <div id="app">
      v-if="grid === 1"

import VGrid from "@revolist/vue-datagrid";
export default {
  name: "App",
  data() {
    return {
      columns: [{
          prop: "name",
          name: "First",
          prop: "details",
          name: "Second",
      rows: [{
        name: "1",
        details: "Item 1",
  components: {