A mobile first, handwritten, responsive web app for music fans.

It is a mobile first responsive web app for listening music from Neteast cloud platform which is using a open source API:

The stack is based on Vue, VueX, VueRouter, Vuetify, Axios, PWA, SCSS, Jest, Nightwatch, Eslint, Babel and others.




  • [x] compressed api by g-zip
  • [x] proxy settings


  • [ ] maybe net-east account?
  • [ ] maybe login?
  • [ ] add full PWA support?
  • [ ] Progressive Loading? different layout or resources based on device types and network speed
  • [ ] download music function
  • [ ] redo player animation and transaction
  • [ ] UX/UI logic refactor
  • [ ] add Skeleton loaders
  • [ ] Lyric sync
  • [ ] player loop/random function
  • [ ] Home page desktop view add playlist, player, and lyric page
  • [ ] Home page restructure for desktop view
  • [x] theme and color settings
  • [x] setting page
  • [x] album page
  • [x] artist page
  • [x] large image adaptive loading
  • [x] music progress slider click and jump to time function
  • [x] Lyric display
  • [x] fix Chrome security policy don't allow instantiate AudioContext before load audio source
  • [x] fix music url request 403 error (by adding referrer head into index page)
  • [x] reduce the bundle size and loading size(to homepage 440k total)
  • [x] material icon tree-shaking (Reduce 300K after build the bundle)
  • [x] message tab with styled component and function
  • [x] click and play music without wipeout playlist
  • [x] audio analyser and synchronizer effect by web api and drawing on canvas
  • [x] playlist tab in player
  • [x] player tabs and sections
  • [x] music wave effect (removed)
  • [x] player buttons
  • [x] slider for volume control
  • [x] slider for audio progress
  • [x] full screen player mode
  • [x] animated transition
  • [x] hot music page Tabs and sections
  • [x] theme switch (dark and light)
  • [x] pagination for all list
  • [x] add to playlist function
  • [x] play all music in list function
  • [x] responsive design implement
  • [x] search
  • [x] navigation drawer
  • [x] hot music page
  • [x] player controller
  • [x] state management init
  • [x] utils and apis
  • [x] hot playlists page

need a env file to start this app


Project setup

npm install
Compiles and hot-reloads for development
npm run serve
Compiles and minifies for production
npm run build
Run your unit tests
npm run test:unit
Run your end-to-end tests
npm run test:e2e
Lints and fixes files
npm run lint