Weex Ui

A rich interaction, lightweight, high performance UI library based on Weex.




npm i weex-ui -S


    <wxc-button text="Open Popup"
    <wxc-popup width="500"

  import { WxcButton, WxcPopup } from 'weex-ui';
  // or
  // import WxcButton from 'weex-ui/packages/wxc-button';
  // import WxcPopup from 'weex-ui/packages/wxc-popup';
  module.exports = {
    components: { WxcButton, WxcPopup },
    data: () => ({
      isShow: false
    methods: {
      buttonClicked () {
        this.isShow = true;
      overlayClicked () {
        this.isShow = false;

Before use

In order not to pack all the components, you need use babel-plugin-component to import specified component.
At the same time, if you don't install babel-preset-stage-0, also need to install it.

npm i babel-preset-stage-0 babel-plugin-component  -D
    "presets": ["es2015", "stage-0"],
    "plugins": [
                "libraryName": "weex-ui",
                "libDir": "packages",
                "style": false


  • If babel-loader in webpack.config.js has a exclude for node_modules, please turn on for week-ui as exclude: /node_modules(?!(\/|\\).*(weex).*)/.
  • In order to get the latest features, please focus on the ChangeLog and often update weex-ui to the latest.
  • Many questions can be found from faq and issue list, if you find a new bug, just file a issue.
  • More experience in Weex construction can be learned from Weex + Ui - Weex Conf 2018 ,welcome to translate it.


npm i
npm run start

Once it has been compiled, a browser window will be opened automatically. You can switch to developer mode to see the demo. And there will be a QR code that you can use to try the demo on your phone in the console.


  • Use Weex Ui in your daily work.
  • Star it if you like.
  • Join the chat at dingtalk to help solve weex problems. Join the chat at dingtalk