Dall-E API outpainting sample

Outpainting is actually just inpainting within so called ‘generation frames’. This repo demonstrates how you can leverage the Dall-E API for outpainting.

Sample image

Our starting image may look like this:

Start image

We want to extend 256px downward, so we shift the image upward and introduce 256px of ‘filler’ pixels (these will be replaced anyway). By passing resulting image to the Dall-E API both as a source and mask, we get the following result back:

We do the same for the top part, and stitch the result using a canvas element.

Running the sample

Clone the repo:

git clone https://github.com/SabatinoMasala/dalle-api-outpainting-sample.git

The sample has 2 parts:

  • Server
  • Client app


The server will handle the communication with the Dall-E API. Start by generating an API key on OpenAI.

Copy ./server/.env.example to ./server/.env and fill in the API key here.

In the server directory, run yarn install and then node index.js. This will start the server.

Client app

The client app is a simple Vue application, go into the client directory, run yarn install and then yarn dev. Open the URL in your browser, and you’ll be presented with the sample application.


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