Scrollspy, and animated scroll-to, for Vue2, inspired by vue-scrollspy.



$ npm install vue2-scrollspy --save


<script src="//"></script>

Basic Usage

import Vue from 'vue';
import Scrollspy from 'vue2-scrollspy';
// use default options

// or custom options
Vue.use(Scrollspy, options);
<ul v-scroll-spy-active v-scroll-spy-link>
        <a>Menu 1</a>
        <a>Menu 2</a>

<div v-scroll-spy>
        <h1>Header 1</h1>
        <h1>Header 2</h1>



Declares container of sections for elements to scrollspy.

  1. v-scroll-spy="{data: 'section'}": add a section data property in scope Vue instance that is binded to the
    section index.

  2. v-scroll-spy="{allowNoActive: true}": allow no active sections when scroll position is outside of the scrollspy
    container. Default behavior is too keep active at least one section in any case.

  3. v-scroll-spy="{offset: 50}": add an offset for scroll and active events.

  4. v-scroll-spy="{time: 200, steps: 30}": set the animation options.

  5. $scrollTo(index: int) is provided on scope Vue instance to invoke a scroll to the given section index.

  6. v-section-selector: set section which should scrollto


Set the active css class on element that match the index of current scrollspy.

  1. v-scroll-spy-active="{selector: '', class: 'custom-active'}": customize elements selection and class
    name to apply. By default, it will use direct children and apply active class.

Add click handler on children elements that will scroll to the related section.

  1. v-scroll-spy-link="{selector: ''}": customize elements selection. By default, it will use a to
    select all links.

Bezier animations


import scrollSpy, { Easing } from 'vue2-scrollspy';

Vue.use(scrollSpy, {
  easing: Easing.Cubic.In

Easing options:


You should have the same number of children elements for v-scroll-spy, v-scroll-spy-active v-scroll-spy-link for
directives to work properly.

If you need to share multiple scroll-spy in the same page, you can add data-scroll-spy-id="" on each element where a
directive is declared.

If you want to set something else (not body) to scroll container, you could:

<div class="container" v-scroll-spy>
        <h1>Header 1</h1>
        <h1>Header 2</h1>
.container {
  position: relative;


npm i && npm run watch 
cd docs-src && npm i && npm run dev