A simple and easy-to-use Gantt chart component for Vue.js.


You can install and use Vue-Ganttastic in your project using npm:

npm install vue-ganttastic

Moment.js is a peer-dependency of Vue-Ganttastic. In order for Vue-Ganttastic to work correctly, you need to install it in your project:

npm install moment

Basic Usage

Import the components GGanttChart and GGanttRow.
Use g-gantt-chart in your template, pass the desired chart start and chart end time as props (chart-start and chart-end) and add g-gantt-rows
to the default template slot.
Pass an array containing your bar objects to every row using the bars prop, while specifying the name of the properties in your bar objects that stand for the bar start and bar end time using the props bar-start and bar-end

For more detailed information, such as how to style the bars or additional configuration options, please refer to the docs on the project's homepage (coming soon).

The following code showcases a simple usage example in a .vue SFC (Single File Component)


      v-for="row in rows"



import {GGanttChart, GGanttRow} from 'vue-ganttastic'

export default {



    return {
      myChartStart: "2020-03-01 00:00",
      myChartEnd: "2020-03-03 00:00",
      rows: [
          label: "My row #1",
          bars: [
              myStart: "2020-03-01 12:10",
              myEnd: "2020-03-01 16:35"
          label: "My row #2",
          bars: [
              myStart: "2020-03-02 01:00",
              myEnd: "2020-03-02 12:00"
              myStart: "2020-03-02 13:00",
              myEnd: "2020-03-02 22:00"




Pull requests are warmly welcomed, while every major change or proposal ought to be discussed in an issue first. As the project is still new, I will gladly accept suggestions, proposals, contributions etc.

Contributing - How to run the project

  1. Clone the project
  2. Install the Vue CLI service, if you don't already have it installed:
      npm install -g @vue/cli
      npm install -g @vue/cli-service-global
  3. Playground.vue is a dedicated Vue SFC where all Vue-Ganttastic features can be
    played around with and tested out. Get it running using:
      vue serve src/Playground.vue