Vue Data Tablee

Based on vue-good-table, a simple and pretty table component

Yeap, another Vue table component. This one is based on vue-good-table, a simple and pretty table component.


Install from npm.

npm install vue-data-tablee

With Vue.use function declare vue-data-tablee components.

// Using ES2015 modules syntax
import Vue from 'vue'
import DataTablee from 'vue-data-tablee'

// Using CommonJS modules
var Vue = require('vue')
var DataTablee = require('vue-data-tablee')


You can also import just components you need, without installing globally.

import { DataTable } from 'vue-data-tablee'

export default {
  components: { DataTable }


See the Pen vue-data-tablee component usage by Vitor Cavalcanti (@VitorLuizC) on CodePen.