Simple Color Game

This is a browser game made using VueJS + Ionic on front-end, and AdonisJS + PostgreSQL on back-end.

The game is very simple: You have to click on the colors that appear on the center of the screen before the time runs up. Remember: click on the color, not the word.

How to install the project locally

Firstly, clone the repository into your computer:

git clone "Simple Color Game"

After that, install the dependencies:

cd "Simple Color Game"
npm install

Intall Adonis on your computer by running:

npm i -g @adonisjs/cli

Create a file named .env on the project root directory, and copy the content from .env.example into it.

Generate an app key using adonis key:generate.

Setting up the database

In order for the highscores to work, you'll have to install PostgreSQL in your computer. I've linked a few short tutorials for that, depending on your OS:

NOTE: Write the password that you chose for the postgres account into the .env file, right after DB_PASSWORD=.

After installing PostgreSQL, create a new database named simple_color_game.

Then, run the following command on the project root. This will create the tables on the database:

ace migration:run

Running the project

Now, you can finally run the project. Firstly, you'll need to start the back-end:

npm start

After that, open a new terminal window and, on the project root, also start the front-end:

npm run serve

Finally, open localhost:3334 on your browser to see the project working locally.