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Kirby Icon Field

A simple Icon field for Kirby – throw your Icon pack in a folder, add the field to your blueprints and you’re good to go.

? This plugin is untested on Kirby < v4-alpha.2 so far and might not work as expected. I don’t plan on adding support for Kirby 3 versions (except if provided with a PR).


Recommended: Composer

composer require tobimori/kirby-icon-field

Manual installation

Download and copy this repository to /site/plugins/kirby-icon-field, or apply this repository as Git submodule.


This plugin relies on having your SVG icons as separate files in a folder for display in the panel – of course you’re free to do whatever you want with the field’s value in your templates.

Your icons should use currentcolor for defining the color of a fill/stroke so they can inherit the correct color from the panel.

Add the field to your blueprint:

    label: Icon
    type: icon
    folder: assets/icons # path to your icon folder, relative to the `index` kirby root
    max: 1 # max number of icons to select - 1 will look like a 'select field', none or more like a 'multiselect' field
    # [more settings...] - same as multi-select field, e.g. disabling search, limiting icons, etc.

Use the field value in your panel

<?= svg('/assets/icons/' . $page->icon()) ?>


Option Default Description
cache true Enable cache for reading from icons directory
folder assets/icon Default folder for icon field, can also be a function

Options allow you to fine tune the behaviour of the plugin. You can set them in your config.php file:

return [
    'tobimori.icon-field' => [
        'cache' => true,
        'folder' => 'assets/icon'


This plugin is provided free of charge & published under the permissive MIT License. If you use it in a commercial project, please consider to sponsor me on GitHub to support further development and continued maintenance of my plugins.


MIT License Copyright © 2023 Tobias Möritz


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