Vue It Bigger!

A simple image / video lightbox component for Vue.js. Based on vue-image-lightbox.


  • Unobtrusive interface that disappears after a few seconds, reappears on mouse activity
  • Optional thumbnail strip with all of the gallery's media
  • Can show an HTML enabled caption under each image or video
  • Can play the slideshow automatically
  • All of the graphics (previous, next and close buttons) can be customized via slots
  • Can skip to next / previous media programatically

Improvements over vue-image-lightbox

  • Lightbox opens and closes with a short fade
  • Media's width is no longer limited
  • When opening the lightbox the media doesn't flicker
  • Moved caption bar and image counter off the media to the bottom of the screen
  • Moved thumbnails to the top of the screen
  • All interface elements have a background for better visibility
  • Simpler CSS


NPM / Yarn

Install the package:

npm install vue-it-bigger
yarn add vue-it-bigger

Then import it in your project at your entry point (main.js normally)

import Vue from 'vue'

and use the lightbox:

import LightBox from 'vue-it-bigger'

export default {
  components: {

Browser global

<script src="path/to/vue.js"></script>
<script src="path/to/dist/vue-it-bigger.js"></script>


You can simply view App.vue to see how to use vue-it-bigger

Import CSS style

// Use only when you are using Webpack

How to use:

<LightBox :media="media"></LightBox>

Structure of the media prop:

  { // For image
    thumb: '',
    src: '',
    caption: 'caption to display. receive <html> <b>tag</b>', // Optional
    srcset: '...' // Optional for displaying responsive images
  { // For video
    thumb: '',
    sources: [
        src: '',
        type: 'video/mp4'
    type: "video",
    caption: '<h4>Monsters Inc.</h4>',
    width: 800, // Required
    height: 600, // Required
    autoplay: true, // Optional: Autoplay video when the lightbox opens



name type default description
media Array required Media array to display
showLightBox Boolean true Whether to show lightbox or not at the beginning
startAt Number 0 Index of the image that you want to start at
nThumbs Number 7 Number of thumbnail images
showThumbs Boolean true Whether to show thumbnails or not
autoPlay Boolean false Move to next image automatically
autoPlayTime Number 3000 (ms) Time to stop at an image before move on to next image
showCaption Boolean false Whether to show caption or not
disableScroll Boolean true set to `true` to avoid scrolling views behind lightbox
lengthToLoadMore Number 0 Minimum length unto end to emit load more event
closable Boolean true Display the close button at the right top corner or not. ESC clicking-close will also be disabled if closable is set to false.
closeText String Close (Esc) Text for the close button
previousText String Previous Text for the previous image button
nextText String Next Text for the next image button
previousThumbText String Previous Text for the previous thumb image button
nextThumbText String Next Text for the next thumb image button


name arguments description
nextImage () Move to next image
previousImage () Move to previous image
closeLightBox () Close lightbox
showImage (index) Show the image at index



The content of the close button.

The content of the footer under the image.

name type description
current integer Number of the current image displayed
total integer Numbers of the images


The previous button on the main image.


The next button on the main image.


The previous button on the thumbs list.


The next button on the thumbs list.


The caption of the current image.


The Icon used for videos


  • onOpened: Emit when the lightbox is opened.
  • onClosed: Emit when the lightbox is closed.
  • onLastIndex: Emit when the current image is the last one of the list.
  • onFirstIndex: Emit when the current image is the first one of the list.
  • onStartIndex: Emit when the current image is at the startAt index (specified in the properties).
  • onLoad: Emit when there are lengthToLoadMore images left in the array (specified in the properties). For example, if lengthToLoadMore = 2 and there are 7 images in your array, when you reach index 4 (which means there are 2 images left which are not discovered yet), this event will be emitted. After that, if the image array are updated and there are totally 15 images, the event will be emitted at index 12.

Development (NPM / Yarn)

Clone the repository, cd into it and run:

npm run dev
yarn dev