It is a simple interface but realizes very flexible and powerful slide animation, for Vue!

Like jQuery's slideUp / slideDown, but for Vue!


npm i vue-slide-up-down-component

Usage with Webpack or other module bundlers:

import VueSlideUpDown from 'vue-slide-up-down-component'
// or
const VueSlideUpDown = require('vue-slide-up-down-component')

Vue.component('vue-slide-up-down', VueSlideUpDown)


The component takes three props:

  • active (Boolean): Whether to show the component (true) or not (false)
  • duration (Number): How long the animation is supposed to be, in milliseconds. Defaults to 500.
  • tag (String): Which HTML tag to use for the wrapper element. Defaults to div.
<div class="MyContent">
  <h1>Always show this</h1>
  <vue-slide-up-down :active="active" :duration="1000">
    Only show this if "activeā€¯ is true

Custom transition-timing-function

If you want to use a different timing function, add some CSS for your <vue-slide-up-down> element. (See demo/index.html for a full example.)

  .wobbly-accordeon {
    transition-timing-function: cubic-bezier(0.195, 1.650, 0.435, -0.600);

<vue-slide-up-down class="wobbly-accordeon">
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