A simple marquee component with ZERO dependencies for Vue 3. This component was originally developed for internal use but I figured this could be useful to someone else as well. This component is modeled after a React marquee component I found called React Fast Marquee. To keep a smooth animation running, clones of the content can be created for seamless transitions with no sudden jarring appearences or empty spaces in between content.


If you are using npm:

npm install vue3-marquee

If you are using yarn:

yarn add vue3-marquee


The most common use case is to register the component globally.

// main.js
import { createApp } from "vue";
import Vue3Marquee from "vue3-marquee";


Alternatively you can import the marquee component locally.

import Vue3Marquee from "vue3-marquee";

export default {
  components: {

You can then use the component in your template. A common use case is an image marquee for logos but you can also use it for scrolling text.

  <img height="200" width="300" src="...img" />
  <img height="200" width="300" src="...img" />
  <img height="200" width="300" src="...img" />

Props and options

Prop Type Default Value Description
direction String of either ‘left’ or ‘right’ left The direction for the content to move in
speed Number 20 The time taken for the marquee content to move the width of the container (in seconds)
delay Number 0 A delay before the animation starts (in seconds)
loop Number 0 The number of instances that the marquee animation should run (0 is infinite)
gradient Boolean false Whether to show a gradient overlay
gradientColor Array of 3 RGB values [255, 255, 255] The RGB colors for the color of the gradient
gradientWidth String or Number 200 What portion of the container edges should be taken by the gradient overlay
pauseOnHover Boolean false Whether to pause the marquee on hover
pauseOnClick Boolean false Whether to pause the marquee when you hold the right click button
clone Boolean false Whether to clone the content if you want no empty spaces in the animation
options Object { } An object that you can also pass all of the above props in for a cleaner template

Examples: Add demo site here