Vue 3 Menu Plugin

This is a simple menu plugin that I made to easily create global menus and use them accross a vue app. I’ve used something similar from work and decided to make my own version for learning purposes. It works pretty well and I hope you can make use of it. Happy coding ?


To use the plugin, all you need to do is import the useMenus function from src/includes/menu.ts


const menus = useMenus()

const menuItems = computed(()=> menus.get())

The code above gets ALL the items that have been added to the current menu instance. In this app, the menu items are added in the src/plugins/menu.ts file and can be accessed anywhere in the Vue app. I could also specify a specific menu item to retrieve by passing an optional name argument to the get() method


const item = computed(()=> menus.get("home-menu"))

Menu items can be added very easily. You just need to call the add() method and pass an object or array of objects of type MenuCollection as an argument. A MenuCollection object should look like the following:

type MenuCollection = {

   menu_name: string

   items: MenuItem[]


type MenuItem = {

   name: string

   label: string

   to: string

   target?: string


Here’s an example of adding object to the menu instance:

const menus = useMenus()
const menu: MenuCollection[] = []

menu_name: "main-menu",

items: [
   name: "home",
   label: "Home",
   to: "/home"

   name: "about"
   label: "About",
   to: "/about"

   name: "contact",
   label: "Contact Us",
   to: "/contact"


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