Todo With Nuxt


A simple todo app project implemented with Nuxt, Typescript and Pinia. I made this project as a practical exercise for what I learned within these technologies.

The Challenge

Users should be able to:

  • Create account
  • Sign In to your account
  • Sign Out
  • Create a new todo
  • See a list of all of the todos of the user
  • Toggle the todo as completed through a checkbox button
  • Delete a single todo
  • Delete all the completed todos
  • Show a list of the active todos only
  • Show a list of the completed todos only

Live Website

Live Website


My Process

Built with

  • Nuxt 3 – Web Framework based on Vue 3
  • TypeScript – JavaScript with syntax for types
  • Pinia – State Management Library
  • Sass – CSS Preprocessor

SEO & Performance


Node Js API

The Node Js API can be found here



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