Todo list

Todo list is a simple Vue application.

How to use

The way this Todo List app works is pretty simple. Type in a task or item or whatever you want into the input field and press 'SAVE ITEM' (or hit Enter). Once you've submitted your item, you will see it appear as an entry. You can keep adding item to add additional entries and have them all show up:
screen shot 2018-11-02 at 11 42 53 am

To remove an item, just click on a removing icon for existing entry. That entry will be removed. The same way for toggle status 'done'. Also you can edit existing item by double click.
Firstly, you need to install node package

Main features

Main functionality of Todo list application:

  • adding items
  • toggling status 'done' for items
  • displaying items
  • removing items

Project setup

Firstly, install packages:

npm install

For compiling and hot-reloads for development:

npm run serve

For compiling and minifies for production:

npm run build

For runing your tests:

npm run test

For linting and fixing files:

npm run lint

Technology stack

We are using bellow technologies:

  • vue ^2.5.17
  • vuetify ^1.3.0
  • vuex ^3.0.1