vglist Variety Generator

Based on an image that floated around social media, where people would share an image with a list of 100 game series’ and fill out which game series’ they’ve played. For the hell of it, I’ve created a little website that uses the vglist API to fill it out for you.

Based on the original template made by ZweiDouble.

Built with Vue 3, TypeScript, and Vite.

Setup Instructions

To run locally, you’ll want to have Node 16 and Yarn v1 installed.


  • Clone the repo.
  • Create and configure the .env.local file (see section below).
  • Run yarn install.
  • Run yarn dev.

And then the site will be available at localhost:3000.


In order to connect to the vglist GraphQL API, you’ll need to set up some environment variables for yourself.

  • Create .env.local in the vglist-variety-generator directory.
  • Populate it with the following:

  • You can keep the value of VITE_VGLIST_REDIRECT_URI as-is.
  • For the Client ID, you’ll need to create an OAuth application in
    • Log into
    • Go to Settings.
    • Go to the “Developer” page in the left sidebar.
    • Click “New Application”.
    • Give it a name.
    • Set the redirect URI as http://localhost:3000/vglist-variety-generator/.
    • Uncheck Confidential, since the application secret won’t be necessary.
    • Give it the read scope (you won’t need/want to give it the write scope).
    • Click Submit.
    • Copy the “Application UID” and use it for the value of VITE_VGLIST_CLIENT_ID in .env.local.


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