i18n Editor

A super simple editor for vue-18n by kazupon

It is hosted on netlify

Screenshot of the editor

What is this?

The goal of the tool is to simplify editing the language files, and not having to hassle with multiple files.

Normally you would have multiple JSON files for each language, like da.json, en.json and so on.

This can be quite tedious to maintain, especially when you have a lot of entries, or even add a whole new language.

Here is an example of my format for language files:

  "common": {
    "logoff": {
      "da": "Log af",
      "en": "Logout"
    "saveCurrentView": {
      "da": "Gem nuværende view",
      "en": "Save current view"
    "search": {
      "da": "Søg",
      "en": "Search"

In my version, each key contains all the languages, making it easier to edit.

I’ve made a Gist where I show how to use it in your own Vue.js project.

Don’t worry, it’s very easy to use my format.


  • Support for “old”-style language files
  • File selection instead of copy and paste

How to use

First time use

git clone [email protected]:dasmikko/i18n-editor.git
cd i18n-editor
npm install
npm run build
npm run serve

After use

npm run serve

How to update

Simply do a git pull and run:

npm install
npm run build

Then you can run the npm run serve as usual