This is a template for creating vue3 login/register via firebase-auth and using firestore to store some custom data.
Additional this page can be hosted via firebase hosting.
The app uses the newest firebase sdk version and the Vue 3 SFC <script setup> syntax.


You need to create a file called firebase-config.js inside src folder.
And copy in your firebase config.

export  const  firebaseConfig = {
    apiKey:  "xxxx",
    authDomain:  "",
    projectId:  "xxx",
    storageBucket:  "",
    messagingSenderId:  "xxx",
    appId:  "1:xxx:web:xxx"

You also need to create a file in the main folder called .firebaserc

	    "default" : "<yourprojectid>"

Firebase Hosting

If you want to host this on firebase hosting follow the following guide:


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