Supauth for Nuxt

Nuxt Layer with all you need to start your next Nuxt + Supabase project without having to worry about the auth system.

? This layer is still an experiment that will have many changes in the future, but feel free to try it and suggest changes or report problems.


  • Sign up with email and password
  • Sign in with providers (Google & GitHub)
  • Auth middlewares

This layer is based on the oxecore layer which includes the UnoCSS, Nuxt-Icon and VueUse modules by default, although you can expect that in the future it will not have dependencies that alter your project outside of the login screens.

To do

  • Accept all providers
  • Add magic-link login
  • Internationalization
  • Reset password page


npm i -D supauth # yarn add -D supauth

// ~~/nuxt.config.ts
export default defineNuxtConfig({
	extends: ['supauth'],

Modules Preset

  • Supabase
  • UnoCSS*
  • Nuxt Icon*
  • VueUse*

*coming from oxecore layer


To start using this layer, just follow the setup instructions and create a .env file with your Supabase credentials:

// .env

Then, you can run your project and go to /login to sign in or /register to create a new user.

Since this layer is using the @nuxtjs/supabase module, you can of course use all the functions and utilities coming from that module (useSupabaseClient, useSupabaseUser, etc).


export default defineAppConfig({
	supauth: {
		confirm: true, // enable if you have email confirmation on
		redirect: '/', // the path you want to redirect your users after login
		providers: ['google', 'github'], // the oauth providers you want to enable
		legalAdvice: {
			privacy: '/privacy-policy',
			terms: '/terms-and-conditions',
		}, // legal links to show below the auth forms. you can set it to false to don't show any legal advice


  • authenticated (if there isn’t a user logged-in, you’re gonna be redirected to /login)
  • unauthenticated (if there is a user logged-in, you’re gonna be redirected to /, or the redirect path in the options of the layer.

Any comment, suggestion, report or pull request is absolutely welcome!


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