Tauri + Vue + Vite Template


Simple project template for Tauri and Vue 3.


  • Vue 3 / TypeScript frontend
  • Simple and fast Vite config w/ HMR in development and optimizations for production builds
  • Vitest for unit tests
  • Github Actions for testing and building
  • Debugging configuration set up for VS Code

Setting Up

  1. Install Tauri Prerequisites
  2. Clone and install dependencies (this template uses pnpm by default):
pnpm i


A Tauri app has at least two processes:

  • the Core Process (backend, or main process in Electron terminology), and
  • the WebView process (frontend, or renderer in Electron)

? Frontend (TS, PnPM)

Running Development Server

Both back- and frontend start with a single command:

pnpm dev


pnpm test

? Backend (Rust, Cargo)

Backend code lives in src-tauri/ (Following commands are to be run from there.)

Finding Outdated Rust Dependencies

If you have cargo-outdated installed:

cargo outdated

Upgrading Rust Dependencies

If you have cargo-edit installed:

cargo upgrade


  • The dev command has by default RUST_BACKTRACE=1 set which makes Rust output full backtraces to the console. (Simply remove it from the package.json command if you want it).
  • If you use VS Code, you can debug Rust code with the included Debug Tauri config.

Building and releasing


The project has GitHub Actions set up which will automatically test and build your app with every push and PR. For building manually:

pnpm build

Releasing a new version

  1. Bump version number (In package.json, and src-tauri/tauri.conf.json)
  2. Run pnpm check to update Cargo.lock
  3. Tag the commit you want to release with vX.Y.Z
  4. Edit the release notes and push (also tags!)
  5. Github workflow will automatically build a new draft release for this version. Publish when ready ?


Custom title bar styles (like titleBarStyle: 'hidden' in Electron)

Tauri doesn’t currently offer a method to hide the title bar without hiding all window chrome. There is, however, a fairly simple way to do it manually (with certain limitations; see Tauri issue #2663 for details).

  1. Add cocoa and objc crates to dependencies
  2. Add set_transparent_titlebar and position_traffic_lights from this gist: https://gist.github.com/Uninen/5377381eb81bdcd71b9d1859e46e3e29
  3. Call set_transparent_titlebar and position_traffic_lights from setup and on_window_event (example in the gist starting line 114) on any window you want affected.

This implementation works but results in visible jerkyness of the traffic lights (on macOS) when the window is resized. (Alternatives discussed in detail in the issue #2663)



Contributions are welcome! Please follow the code of conduct when interacting with others.


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