A trello clone using Nuxt.js and Vuetify

Build Setup


# 1. Clone (or [fork]( this repository:

$ git clone

# 2. Change directory into the cloned repository: 

$ cd trello-clone

# 3. Install the dependencies: 

        # install dependencies
        $ yarn install

        #copy .env.example to .env
        $ cp .env.example .env

        # edit .env file
        $ nano .env
        # serve with hot reload at localhost:3000
        $ yarn dev

# 4. build for production and launch server

        - If you want to build and launch the production app you can run 
                $ yarn build

        - This will give you an executable inside the `/dist` folder.

                # generate static project
                $ yarn generate


We ❤️ contributions from everyone and contributions to this project are encouraged, and compensated. We welcome bug reports, bug fixes and feedback is always appreciated. For more details, see

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The primary contact for this project is @ines.


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