a very dark, minimal, powerful and fully customizable startpage made using vue.js and tailwind.

✨ Usage

You can either host your own instance of this startpage or use this.

Deploy you own instance

It’s pretty easy, I’ll suggest using vercel if you don’t want to waste much time, create an account on Vercel if you don’t already have one and then just click here on this button.

Deploy with Vercel

Set as your startpage

Jsut set your browser’s home url to https://onigiri.vercel.app/ if you’re using my instance or your own link that you get from vercel after deploying.

? Customize

To customize the startpage according to you follow these steps:

Fork the repo and clone it

git clone https://github.com/asheeeshh/onigiri.git

Open the app using your code editor [I’m using vs code here].

cd onigiri
code .
npm run dev

Customizing links

Go to /src/applist.json.

Suppose you want to add FaceBook to the list, just add the following snippet to the json. The Link’s position depends on the position of the object in the array.

        "name": "facebook",
        "link": "https://facebook.com",
        "icon": "facebook"

All the ions are taken from Simple Icons. You an check the icon name for your added app here.

Customizing images

There are two images used in the startpage.

  • Vertical Image:
    <img src=https://i.pinimg.com/564x/c1/1d/04/c11d04e2ca9a9d4879b13581fa83132e.jpg class=w-full h-full object-cover rounded />
  • Banner Image:
    <img src=https://i.pinimg.com/564x/00/13/1b/00131bdd0049dbe2cb362ae05bc2a351.jpg class=rounded shadow-xl object-cover w-full h-full/>

You can change the images by changing the src in the <img /> tag.

Customizing colors

You can customize the colors too if you have some basic knowledge of tailwind css.

?‍♂️ Have Questions?

Create an issue and I’ll be glad to help you out!

? Contributing

Contributions are most welcome.

? Ending Note

  • Consider giving the repo a ⭐ if you liked the project!
  • Checkout my other projects!


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