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A simple and powerful drag&drop component for Vue developers

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Thank you for install vue-flexable-dnd component ——— A drag and drop component developed for vue, which can sovle the problem that other dnd components can’t do,like can use flex layout and sort mode


? Highlights

  • Ability to use flex layout
  • smooth animation
  • When there are many elements, excellent performance can be maintained
  • There are two drag&drop modes: Replace and Sort
  • Ability to customize internal styles and layout
  • Flexible function slot
  • More features will be adapted in the future

? preview

? see example website

? Gatting started

component install

npm install vue-flexable-dnd

? import into your project

VUE3: [src/main.js]
import { createApp } from 'vue'
import App from './App.vue'
import VDContainer from 'vue-flexable-dnd'

// after that, you can use <VDContainer> anywhere in proejct

? import into your page(Not supported temporarily)

import VDComponent from 'vue-flexable-dnd';

export default{

? apply to your project


    :width=350          //「Number」 outer container's width
    :animation=true    //「Boolean」 show animation or not while change the position of the target
    :data=data          //「Array【object】」 original data
    type="sort"         //「string」 sort | switch, 「sort」default, typeof sort mode
    @getData=funcName   //「function」 Callback function,Callback function to receive   array after modified
    <template v-slot:VDC="{data, index}">
            <!-- edit your own components here -->


// options style[选项式]:
export default {
    data() {
        return {
            data: [
                    objectParameter1: 'anyThing',
                    objectParamerter2: 'anyThing2'
                    objectParameter1: 'anyThing3',
                    objectParamerter2: 'anyThing4'

// Composition style[组合式]:
<script setup>
    const data = reactive([
                    objectParameter1: 'anyThing',
                    objectParamerter2: 'anyThing2'
                    objectParameter1: 'anyThing3',
                    objectParamerter2: 'anyThing4'


if that doesnt work, please refer to the contents inside vue-flexable-dnd/examples/App.vue & vue-flexable-dnd/examples/main.js

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  • basic function, original versin


  • fix some issues


  • improve user experience: using component without import css;
  • update readme


  • add TypeScript support
  • add prettier restriction


  • now the component is animated
  • add several config to package.json
  • update readme file


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