A vue component for pivot table.


TODO: publish on npm & add npm i --save command



// Import the component
import Pivot from '@marketconnect/vue-pivot-table' // Not published yet!

export default {
  // Register the component
  components: { Pivot },
  // Basic data for component props
  data: () => {
    return {
      data: Object.freeze([{ x: 0, y: 0, z: 0 }, { x: 1, y: 1, z: 1 }]),
      fields: [],
      colFields: [{
        getter: item => item.x,
        label: 'X'
      rowFields: [{
        getter: item => item.y,
        label: 'Y'
      }, {
        getter: item => item.z,
        label: 'Z'
      reducer: function(sum, item) {
        return sum + 1


<pivot :data="data" :fields="fields" :row-fields="rowFields" :col-fields="colFields" :reducer="reducer">
  <!-- Optional slots can be used for formatting, see documentation below -->



Prop Type Default Description
data Array [] Dataset to use in the pivot ; each element should be an object
fields Array [] Fields to display in the "Available fields" zone
row-fields Array [] Fields to use as rows by default
col-fields Array [] Fields to use as columns by default
reducer function (sum, item) => sum + 1 Function applied to reduce data in the pivot table
available-fields-label-text String 'Available fields' Text for available fields drag area zone
cols-label-text String 'Columns' Text for the columns drag area zone
rows-label-text String 'Rows' Text for the rows drag area zone
hide-settings-text String 'Hide settings' Text for the "hide settings" button
show-settings-text String 'Show settings' Text for the "show settings" button

Field format

Each element in the arrays fields, rowFields or colFields should be an Object with this format:

  • label (String): text to display in the draggable button
  • getter (function): Function to apply on an element of data to get the field value
  • sort (function, optional): Function to order fields in the pivot table header ; if no value is provided, javascript-natural-sort will be applied
  • headerSlotName (String, optional): Name of the slot to use to format the header in the pivot table ; if no slot name is provided, the value will be displayed as found in data


All the pivot table data display can be formatted with slots, configured in the <pivot> tag.

Field headers

<template slot="my-field-header-slot-name" slot-scope="{ value }">{{ value }}</template>

The slot attribute must match the slotName previously set on your field prop.

The slot-scope should not be changed in order to access the value in the template.


<template slot="value" slot-scope="{ value }">{{ value.toLocaleString }}</template>

The slot attribute must be set to value.

The slot-scope should not be changed in order to access the value in the template.

Large datasets

If you plan on using this component with large datasets, we strongly advise you to use Object.freeze on your data object.



# Install dependencies
npm install

# Serve with hot reload at localhost:8080
npm run dev

# Build js libraries in dist folder
npm run build