A vue component or component wrapper that makes an element movable and its movements can be customized.


npm i --save v-movable

Initialize in main.js

import movable from "v-movable";

Options (element attributes)

  • posTop/posLeft: initial coordinate
  • target: String (vue ref) - ref to element other than the component (e.g., wrap modal title in movable, and set target to the modal-body element ref)
  • bounds: {x:[min,max],y:[min,max]}. Both x and y default to [-Infinity,Infinity]. Set to [min,max] ([0,0] to restrict the axis)
  • vertical: [min, max] - constrain movement to y axis within min and max provided. Shorthand for bounds="{x:[0,0],y:[min,max]}"
  • horizontal: [min, max] - constrain movement to x axis within min and max provided. Shorthand for bounds="{y:[0,0],x:[min,max]}"
  • grid: Int - defaults to 1. snap to grid size in pixels.
  • shiftKey Bool - any truthy value enables shift key to constrain movement to either x or y axis (whichever is greater). Setting any bounds option automatically disables shift key behavior.
  • disabled: Bool - disables moving


  • @start: fires immediately after the pointerdown event on the element
  • @move: fires continuously while moving
  • @complete: fires after the pointerup event on the element


      <div style="position:relative; margin:50px;">
         <div class="testmove" ref="parentEl">
           <movable class="modaltitle" target="parentEl">modal behavior</movable>`
           <span>not movable</span>
         <movable class="testmove" posTop="444" :grid="20"><span>grid:20</span></movable>
         <movable class="testmove" posTop="222" posLeft="222" shiftKey="true"><span>Shift Key Behavior</span></movable>
         <movable class="testmove" posLeft="444" :bounds="{x:[0,0]}"><span>bounds:only y</span></movable>
         <movable class="testmove" posTop="444" posLeft="444" :bounds="{y:[0,0]}"><span>bounds:only x</span></movable>
      .testmove {
        position: absolute;
        top: 0;
        height: 150px;
        width: 150px;
        margin: 200px;
        background: #333;
        color: white;
      .modaltitle {
        background: blue;
        color: white;