Work-Task Interactive Posts

Vue Interactive Posts is A vue site that displays posts and comments.


How to use this project locally?

Project setup

npm install

Runs the App

npm run serve

Main Goals

  • [x] Data should be rendered using getters.
  • [x] Use the CLI to create the app
  • [x] Username is visible on each page of the site after logging in
  • [x] Grid, and CSS framework - SASS
  • [x] Website content should be stored in a database
  • [x] Publish the project to GitHub
  • [x] Made onChange Searchbar that displays data and renders it from getters.


  • [x] Home Route: /
  • [x] Posts Route: /posts
  • [x] Posts by Id Route: /posts/:id
  • [x] Comments by post: /post/:id/comments
  • [x] Comments by postId : /comments?postId= ${variable}
  • [x] Posts by User: /posts?userId= ${variable}

Tools/technologies used

  • Vue
  • Vuetify
  • Vue Router/Getters/Components
  • sass
  • fetch
  • vue-cli
  • eslint
  • prettier