Nuxt + Locomotive Scroll

Starter template for parallax effects & smooth scrolling experience. Empower your Nuxt project in no time.

See it in action → LIVE DEMO

What’s included

Boilerplate provides many pre-configured modules such as

  • Locomotive Scroll → A smooth-scroll library with powerfull built-in solutions
  • GSAP → Professional-grade animation for the modern web
  • Windi CSS → Next generation utility-first CSS framework
  • LazySizes → High performance and SEO friendly lazy loader for images
  • PWA module → Zero config PWA solution for Nuxt.js
  • Font Loader → Simple, modern and lightweight font loader for Nuxt projects
  • and more…

Quick Start

  1. Clone this repo to your working directory:

$ git clone <project-name>
  1. Move to the project directory:

$ cd <project-name>
  1. Install all dependencies:

$ yarn # or npm install

Build Setup

Start the local dev server:

$ yarn dev # or npm run dev

Static Deployment

Nuxt.js will create a dist/ directory with everything inside ready to be deployed on a static hosting service.

Generate your static application:

$ yarn generate # or npm run generate

Once your application is built you can use the start command to see a production version of your application.

Serve the generated static application from a dist/ directory:

$ yarn start # or npm run start

This is useful for final testing before deploying.


Nuxt Static Boilerplate → A well-organized Nuxt template for creating fast static applications.


Locomotive Scroll

MIT License

Copyright (c) Locomotive

Nuxt + Locomotive

MIT License

Copyright (c) Ivo Dolenc