Fluent UI Components based on Vue Cli

This repository provides a library of components based on Microsoft's Fluent Design System. We did our best to implement styling (such as the Acrylic and Reveal effects) of native system's (Windows 11/Windows 10) compoents on the Web.

Project Structure

- build # 脚手架(The scaffold)
  config.js # 组件库配置文件(Component library configuration file)
- examples
  - docs # 在线演示文档(VuePress)
  index.js # Vue Cli Lib 打包入口(Packaging entrance)
- lib # 打包ump文件(Package the UMP file)
- packages
  - common-theme # 通用主题(Common theme)
  - {themeName}-theme
    index.scss # 全局scss 由脚本生成(Global SCSS generated by the script)
  - {ComponentName}
    - src # 组件Source(Component source)
      index.vue # 组件(Component)
    index.js # 组件入口(Component entry)
  index.js # 所有组件入口 由脚本生成(All component entries, generated by scripts)
components.json # 组件目录(Component directory)
vue.config.js # Vue cli 配置(Vue cli config)

NPM Script CMDs (updated on 2019-12-16) 脚本命令(2019-12-16 更新)

npm run pub # 打包推送到npm(Pack and push to NPM)
npm run docs:dev # 开发文档模式(Run as development document mode)
npm run bin:new componentName chineseName #新建组件(Create new component)
npm run bin:rm componentName #移除组件并重新定制入口(Remove the component and re-customize the entry)
npm run bin:entry # 定制入口(Custom entry)

Fluent Design UI (Vue 2.0+)



How to use

  1. install via npm
  yarn add vfluentdesign # recommend
  npm i vfluentdesign
  1. import (vue entry main.js)
import Vue from "vue";
import VueFluent from "vfluentdesign";
import "vfluentdesign/lib/index.css";

  1. sample example
<fv-button>Hello Vue Fluent!</fv-button>
  1. about Fabric UI

Our project have many using cases contains Microsoft's Fabric UI, such as icons and shadows, for more details you can click here to get more information.

Here is the icon using sample.

<i class="ms-Icon ms-Icon--AADLogo"></i>

In particular, if you're using a component of Fluent Vue Design and it contains a prop that support icon, you only need to type the icon's name in prop.

✨ We Need You (Become a contributor) ✨

VFluent still needs to improve. The documentation is not yet complete, there are still some details to work out.

We want to hear from your issues and suggestions. It's welcome to have you become a contributor in this project. You could add some new components to VFluent, or update the existing components to better support the mobile end.

If you have some other creative ideas, we're happy to hear them from you.


MIT License

Copyright (c) 2021 Creator SN®