The wails-template-vue template is a Vue template that supports Wails programs and provides Router and i18n functions by default.

Official Website


I hope that Vue and its powerful community ecology can be used in Wails applications to develop single-page applications that support multiple routes.

Graphic Demo


  • Support single page routing and i18n


Getting Started

New Project

wails init -n [Your Appname] -t https://github.com/misitebao/wails-template-vue

flag description:

  • n - The name of the application to be created
  • t - Template name, supports built-in template names and third-party templates in the form of hyperlinks

Front-end reference document

The front-end part uses Vue Vue-Router and Vue-I18N:

  • Vue - Use vue3.x version, the specific content can refer to the official Vue Document.
  • Vue-Router - Use Vue-Router 4.x version, please refer to the official Vue-Router Documents for specific usage.
  • Vue-I18N - Use Vue-I18N 9.x version, please refer to official Vue-I18N Documents for specific usage.

Then you can refer to the official Wails document to start developing your application?.


Thanks to the maintainers of these projects:


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  • Misitebao - Project author, full stack engineer.