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A Wordle-like Souls-like web game – guess the boss by using hints from your past guesses!

? Instructions

At every new game, a random boss will be chosen for you to guess. Start by entering any boss and use the provided feedback to figure out a new guess. Continue this way, narrowing down the potential bosses to eventually get the answer.

The info box on the left shows the range of the health pools and the amount of souls dropped, updating dynamically as you enter your guesses. Likewise, the game as well as the resistances and weaknesses will pop up here, as they are getting confirmed by your guesses.

The souls parameter is comprised of souls as they are known in Demon’s Souls and the Dark Souls series, blood echoes as they are known as in Bloodborne and runes as they are known as in Elden Ring.

The background colours of the boss information is described below.

Colour Indication
??? The parameter is completely incorrect
??? The parameter is partially correct
??? The parameter is completely correct

? Bosses

Bosses included come from the games listed below.

  • Demon’s Souls
  • Dark Souls
  • Dark Souls II
  • Dark Souls III
  • Bloodborne
  • Elden Ring

Bosses that are part of multi-boss encounters may or may not be split into separate entries, if they are unique enough to constitute their own entry, e.g. they have different health pools, resistances or their own name.

Bosses that have multiple phases, may likewise have several entries, if their resistances changes inbetween fights, e.g. Slave Knight Gael becoming more resistant to dark after first phase.

⚔️ Damage types

Below are the damage types used for calculationg the weaknesses and resistances, including the icons used to represent each individual damage type as well as a description, as the names of similar damage types vary throughout the games, e.g. lightning being bolt in Bloodborne. Hence bolt is treated as lightning to simplify the types of damage instead of separating them.

Icon Name Description
Magic Comprised of magic as well as Aacane from Bloodborne
Fire Comprised of fire from each individual game
Lightning Comprised of lightning as well as bolt from Bloodborne
Dark Comprised of dark from the Dark Souls series
Holy Comprised of holy from Elden Ring
Physical Comprised of physical as well as standard from Dark Souls III and Elden Ring
Slash Comprised of slash from all the games excluding Bloodborne
Strike Comprised of strike as well as blunt from Demon’s Souls and Bloodborne
Thrust Comprised of thrust as well as pierce from Demon’s Souls and Elden Ring

? Features

? Records

  • Your top 10 personal best attempts are stored and can be seen in a modal by clicking the Records button.
  • This displays the name of the guessed boss and the amount of attempts needed to guess the boss.
  • You can clear the currently stored records at any time by clicking the Clear records button.