A wrapper component for consuming Google Maps API built on top of VueJs v2. Fork of the popular vue-google-maps plugin.

The new documentation site is ready and it contains all examples for all components in the plugin.

If you find some parts of the plugin that was not documented, or if you think that some parts of the documentation are dark or can be improved please open an issue following our issue template rules.

You can use your google maps API key to use the live examples section.

We have planned to improve and grow all required documentation about the plugin.

Please follow the next link to our documentation.

Fork of vue2-google-maps

This is a fork of the popular vue2-google-maps. As the author of the library no longer commits to maintain the project, we forked it to develop and maintain the project.


If you have time to contribute to a rather frequently used library, feel free to make a PR!, but first please read our contributing guide.

What's urgently needed are:

  1. Better automated tests (unit with Jest, e2e with Cypress).
  2. Better integration tests with the popular frameworks, especially Nuxt and Vue template
  3. Migrate to VueJs v3.0
  4. Better documentation (examples, recommendations)

Please feel free to fork the project and make a PR to improve the plugin.


This project uses Lerna to manage the plugin and documentation site.

  • Clone the repository

  • Run

npm install
  • After that you can use the HTML examples inside the examples folder on the gmap-vue package, take in mind that this folder will disappear in a near feature. When this happens you only could test with the live example on the documentation site with your own google maps API key

  • To start the documentation site locally you can run following command, it starts the documentation page on http://localhost:8080/

npm run start:docs
  • To test the plugin you also can use a CDN like jsdelivr or unpkg, in the way that the documentation shows you