An alternative frontend for WLED built with Vue and Tailwind CSS.

Note: This is under early active development and may be subject to breaking changes until it reaches a stable version 1.0.0.

What is this?

WLED is an excellent controller software for your LED projects. VieWLED is an experimental alternative frontend built with Vue and Tailwind CSS.


VieWLED is currently being developed and has not been integrated or tested on-device yet. For now you can serve a local development version of the project to test with devices on the same network.

To get started, clone this repo and install dependencies with npm install. Then create .env and put in WLED_DEVICE_HOST=<YOUR DEVICE IP>, or rename and edit .env.example. This file tells VieWLED which device to connect to.

Then launch the development environment with npm run dev, or npm run dev --host to expose the dev server to your local network (for testing on a phone, for example). In a browser, open http://localhost:3000 to view the UI.


The first goal is to gain feature parity with the original WLED frontend.


VieWLED is MIT licensed.


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