MangaVUE is an Online Manga Reading App, built using VueJS and TailwindCSS. The data used for this project is from, with the help of API from manga-api by Febry Adriansyah.

This project will always work as long as the API doesn't change. And also if you find error message that says "...sorry we're not able to retrieve blah blah blah..." that means the API request is fail or the main server is down or whatnot. If you find any bug(s) or something, just open issue.


  • Clone this repository using git clone command (or just download the zip version).

  • Navigate to Project Directory. Project setup using npm.

    $ npm install
  • Compiles and hot-reloads for development

    $ npm run serve
  • Compiles and minifies for production

    $ npm run build
  • Lints and fixes files

    $ npm run lint


  • Responsive
  • Make Manga Chapter Image Zommable on Desktop screen
  • Adding more animation
  • Navigate Between Manga Chapter
  • Error Handling


Yayang Kurnia