Taranis NG is an OSINT gathering and analysis tool for CSIRT teams and organisations. It allows osint gathering, analysis and reporting; team-to-team collaboration; and contains a user portal for simple self asset management.

Taranis crawls various data sources such as web sites or tweets to gather unstructured news items. These are processed by analysts to create structured report items, which are used to create products such as PDF files, which are finally published.

Type Name Description
Collector web crawl web sites
twitter receive tweets
email read e-mails
atom read atom feeds
rss read RSS feeds
slack read Slack messages
manual entry enter news item manually
scheduled tasks populate feed automatically
Presenter pdf create a PDF file
text create plain text from template
html create HTML from template
misp create MISP event JSON
Publisher email send e-mail
ftp upload to FTP
misp create MISP event
twitter create tweet
wordpress publish to WordPress
Bot analyst extract attributes from text by regular expressions
grouping group similar items in the news feed
wordlist_updater update word lists used for matching

Taranis NG was developed by SK-CERT with a help from wide CSIRT community, and is released under terms of the European Union Public Licence.

Block diagram