An Powerful Admin Dashboard based on Vue.js and Boostrap v4.

REST-ADMIN is trying to make it easier to built an admin dashboard for any backend services. All you need to do is just provide a RESTful api for it.

username:password admin:admin


- -
1 Login Page 2 Data Table for users
3 Data Table for posts 4 Data Form for post
5 Custom Form 6 Sample Fields of posts


  • Based on the latest Bootstrap(v4) and Vue.js, it means you can easily change any skin based on bootstrap css framework.
  • Plain vue.js project, can be used for any backend restful api.
  • Powerful Data Table with sorting, pagination, searching, display images...
  • Powerful Data Form Builder can display/edit any value of text, image, boolean...
  • Fully support for Resource-based CRUD option.
  • English based fully i18n support.
  • Highly Configurable site info. Such as: site name, logo, Menu and footer...
  • Production ready. It has been used in two projects in our company.

Quick Start

git clone [email protected]:wxs77577/rest-admin.git
cd rest-admin
code . # open with vscode [optional]
npm i # or cnpm i

# start with local test api server
npm run test-api # start test api server
npm run local # start rest admin client

or you have an exists rest api endpot.

API_URI=http://localhost:5555/admin/api/ npm run dev

The default username and password of test-api is admin and admin


API_URI=http://localhost:5555/admin/api/ npm run build

Then just copy /dist/admin folder to the anywhere.

There is a built-in restful api based on express for test.

Fields Definition

Used in listing tables and editing forms
Default PRIMARY_KEY field is _id, feel free to change it in /src/config.json


  "_id": { "label": "ID" },
  "title": { "label": "Title" },
  "type": { "label": "Type", "type": "select", "options": [
    { "text": "Vue", "value": "vue" },
    { "text": "React", "value": "react" },
    { "text": "Angular", "value": "angular" },
  "body": { "type": "html" },
  "steps": { "type": "array", "fields": {
    "name": { "label": "Name" },
    "date": { "label": "date" }
  "_actions": { // define table view, it's optional.
    "buttons": { // define buttons as `false` to hide in actions colum
      "delete": false,
      "edit": false
    "toolbar": { // define actions in top toolbar table view
      "extra": [ // add extra buttons
        { "to": "/form?uri=vouchers/generate", "label": "Generate Vouchers" } //properties of `<b-button>`

Field properties

  • label Title for display
  • cols column width, total is 12.
  • input_cols column width of input control.
  • type Field type, accepted values and additional properties for some fields.
    • select raw html <select> tag from b-select of bootstrap-vue
      • options e.g. [{ "text": "Label", "value": "1" }]
    • select2 vue-select, like select2 in jQuery
      • options e.g. [{ "text": "Label", "value": "1" }]
    • tree vue-treeselect
      • options use text and value instead label and id e.g. [{ "text": "Label", "value": "1", "children": [ { "text": "Item1", "value": "2" } ] }]
    • date vue2-datepicker supports date range
    • switch A iOS-liked switch component
    • html An WYSIWYG html editor from vue-html5-editor
    • array Array values
      • fields child fields defination
      • is_table display as a table ?
    • radiolist
      • options e.g. [{ "text": "Label", "value": "1" }]
    • checkboxlist
      • options e.g. [{ "text": "Label", "value": "1" }]
    • checkbox
    • file File uploader
      • limit define file limit options of size in byets, e.g. { size: 1000000 }
    • image Image file uploader with preview.
      • limit define file limit options of width height and size in byets, e.g. { "width": 320, "height": 180, size: 1000000 }
    • audio like image
      • limit define file limit options of size in byets, e.g. { size: 1000000 }
    • video like image
      • limit define file limit options of size in byets, e.g. { size: 1000000 }
    • textarea
    • number
    • text
  • required
  • Any other properties accepted in, please notice that every kind of field component has it's own properties.