AWS S3 Explorer

This is an S3 Explorer for AWS. It provides a simple and straightforward way for users to login using SSO and explore available S3 Buckets. Everything is done in the browser and requires only minimal setup using either AWS Cognito or Authress.

Rhosys hosts an explorer to use out of the box for the community. For obvious security reasons, this is a UI only tool, and makes ZERO api calls to anywhere other than AWS. The following is a link to that explorer. However, if for some reason, other than security there is a benefit to hosting a clone of this, feel free to fork the repo and make any necessary changes. Alternatively, please contribute!

Folder selected screen

The only setup step

Jump over to the AWS S3 explorer configuration to deploy the Cognito CFN template, and configure your SSO provider. That's it!


View all objects in folder:
Folder selected screen

View all objects in bucket:
Bucket traversal screen

Upload objects to a bucket:
Bucket upload request screen

Upload objects to a bucket succeeded:
Bucket upload confirmation screen

Delete objects from a bucket:
Bucket object delete request screen

Delete objects from a bucket succeeded:
Bucket object delete confirmation screen