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This Laravel Nova package is used for calculating the total of every column that supports every function you need.

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  • php: >=7.4
  • laravel/nova: ^3.0

Note: May this packge don’t work with nova 4


  • Add a footer to any index table you want.
  • Any calculatable columns you want you can get total
  • Support this function
    • sum
    • count
    • avg
    • min
    • max


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Install the package in a Laravel Nova project via Composer:

composer require badinansoft/table-footer


To use these packages just need to install the package by the above command then for any resource any index filed add this method:-

     ID::make(__('ID'), 'id')->calculate('count',__('Total Count')),

By above code in the footer of the ID column will show the total count of the id’s The calculate($function,$label,$symbol='') accept 3 argument as you see also support localization 2 arguments are required but $symbol is not required just for adding the symbol of the currency end of the amount

                ->calculate('avg',__('Average Amount'),'$'),


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