Cache Disabler

Browser extension to effortlessly disable the browser cache.

This extension is quite similar to the “disable cache” function in Developer Tools. But without the need to keep them continuously open.


Getting Started

First, run the development server:

pnpm dev
# or
npm run dev

Open your browser and load the appropriate development build. For example, if you are developing for the chrome browser, using manifest v3, use: build/chrome-mv3-dev.

You can start editing the popup by modifying popup.vue. It should auto-update as you make changes. To add an options page, simply add a options.tsx file to the root of the project, with a react component default exported. Likewise to add a content page, add a content.ts file to the root of the project, importing some module and do some logic, then reload the extension on your browser.

For further guidance, visit our Documentation

Making production build

Run the following:

pnpm build
# or
npm run build

This should create a production bundle for your extension, ready to be zipped and published to the stores.

Submit to the webstores

The easiest way to deploy your Plasmo extension is to use the built-in bpp GitHub action. Prior to using this action however, make sure to build your extension and upload the first version to the store to establish the basic credentials. Then, simply follow this setup instruction and you should be on your way for automated submission!

Zipping the extension

If you want to manually zip the extension source code for submission, you can run the following:

git archive -o extension.zip HEAD


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