This repository is made for CN466:IoT midterm project as a front-end using vue.js for development provided by Yodsatorn P.

Postman APIs document can be found here.
Back-end APIs repo provided by Poonnatuch B. can be found here.
Line Chatbot repo provided by Rathapol P. can be found here.


This project’s agenda is to study Internet of Thing, We setup a ESP32S2 board inside an incubator to detect Temparature, Pressure, Humidity, angular velocity and acceleration to make a smart incubator that can be track on a website and Chatbot.

This repository is made for IoT backend API using Express.js as a web framework workflow and overview of this project is describe by picture below.



  • 6110613095 : Yodsatorn Pantongkam
  • 6110613129 : Rathapol Putharaksa
  • 6110613228 : Poonnatuch Boonyarattanasoontorn


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