Countdown plug-in with high performance and high accuracy for Vue2.5.0+.



$ npm install vue-awesome-countdown --save
# or
$ yarn add vue-awesome-countdown

...and import and use the plugin like so:

import vueAwesomeCountdown from 'vue-awesome-countdown'

Vue.use(vueAwesomeCountdown, 'vac') // Component name, `countdown` and `vac` by default


<countdown :end-time="new Date().getTime() + 60000">
    slot-scope="anyYouWantedScopName">{{ `Lefttime: ${anyYouWantedScopName.timeObj.ceil.s}` }}</span>
  <span slot="finish">Done!</span>
<vac :end-time="new Date().getTime() + 60000">
    slot-scope="{ timeObj }">{{ `Lefttime: ${timeObj.m}:${timeObj.s}` }}</span>
  <span slot="finish">Done!</span>

SSR (Nuxt)

  <vac :end-time="new Date().getTime() + 60000">
      slot-scope="{ timeObj }">{{ `Lefttime: ${timeObj.m}:${timeObj.s}` }}</span>
    <span slot="finish">Done!</span>


Prop Required Explain Type Default
startTime false Time stamp of countdown start [String, Number, Date] null
endTime when leftTime undefined Time stamp of countdown end [String, Number, Date] null
leftTime when endTime undefined Remaining milliseconds of countdown end Number 0
autoStart false Start countdown automatically Boolean true
speed false Unit: millisecond Number 1000
tag false The wrap tag name String span


The data can get it through slot-scop or methods.

Data Explain Default
state The countdown run state, the states are beforeStart, stoped, process and finised beforeStart
attrs The countdown component tag attributes {}
actualEndTime Actual countdown end time null
timeObj Look look {}
countdownTimer The countdown timer function, Do not use as much as possible. null
actualStartTime Actual countdown start time. null
runTimes Countdown run times (The onProcess methods run times) 0
usedTime The total time consuming from the countdown to the end. 0


    "endTime": 1542634411361,
    "speed": 1000,
    "leftTime": 97019,
    "d": "0",
    "h": "00",
    "m": "01",
    "s": "37",
    "ms": "019",
    "org": {
        "d": 0.001134247685185185,
        "h": 0.02722194444444444,
        "m": 1.6333166666666665,
        "s": 37.998999999999995,
        "ms": 19
    "ceil": {
        "d": 1,
        "h": 1,
        "m": 2,
        "s": 98


Slot process and slot finish will not display at the same time.

name slot-scop Position Display condition
prev component _self 1 Defined, Controllable display
before component _self 2 On before start, state === 'beforeStart'
process component _self 2 On process, state === 'process'
finish component _self 3 On finish, state === 'finished'
default component _self 3 Defined, Controllable display


The methods can be accesse through slot-scop or $refs.

Method Explain Parameters
startCountdown restart
stopCountdown no
switchCountdown no
finishCountdown no
doCountdown no


Event Explain Parameters
onStart Functions executed at the beginning of countdown vm
onProcess Function executed when countdown is performed vm
onStop Function executed when countdown stops vm
onFinish Function executed when countdown finished vm