Countries Around The World

This project will show the list of countries around the world. The project is purely frontend side where the data we get is from

Link to deployment:

Case Studies

From the API provided, there’s technically only 2 API endpoints we can use which is the endpoints that gives us all the list of all countries and the one that search by name.

Since the API won’t provide partial data load such as limit response, sorting and so on, we will implement everything on client side with the full data loaded from the server/API.

Technical details to be developed

  • Searching/filtering
  • Client side pagination
  • Client side sorting/ordering
  • Dialog popup


  • We have all the data and we can have the UI update instantly


  • Long initial load (since we query all the data to frontend)
  • Add a lot more additional work to client side to implement such as sorting and pagination
  • Add more JS which impact performances

Personal Opinions

I believe this was done way before at some point. But right now, at least from my experiences, is that we have the backend handle everything such as filtering, sorting, pagination for us and frontend only display the correct data.

Implementation Details

  • Everything is put in a single App.vue in order to be concise for reviewers.
  • As for the field “”, since some doesn’t have it would cause errors so for those I swap it with “country.translations.zho.official” instead.

Issues Occurs

  • Ran into a specific issue that is more of a bug from the library. It’s when using “useOffsetPagination”, the problem was that the composable/hook doesn’t have async/await to wait for the data total count data to be queried, hence it will always show “Infinity” but I managed to handle that with a custom watch function to change the pageCount when the data loaded from API.

Libraries/Technologies Involved

API Reference

Base API Url:

Get all items

  GET /all

Get country by native name or partial name

  GET /name/${countryName}
Parameter Type Description
countryName string Required. native name or partial name of country to fetch

Run Locally

Clone the project

  git clone

Go to the project directory

  cd countries-catalog

Install dependencies

  yarn install

Start the server

  yarn dev


Chris Legaxy/Chris Van

Contact: [email protected] | [email protected]



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