This project is for ITIS 4440 – 001 Individual Project Assignment


The purpose of this project is to allow users to create a to-do list. In this code the user will be able to create, edit, and remove code.

Current Interactions:

  • To create a task the user must input text and press enter

  • To edit the task the user can double click the task to change it

  • To remove the code they can use the checkbox or x mark to remove the code

  • Filter All, completed, active (incomplete)

The resources used to make this possible is


This project was inspired by one of our first assignments in class creating a to-do list as well as the common struggles in a college student life in time management.

I wanted to create a project where students will be able to digitally create an easy method to keep on track of things they need to do. I wanted to include a calender, a timer, and a to-do list. However I was only able to complete 1 out of the 3 goals of the project.


Some barriers I faced were my lack of knowledge in programming as well as the limited Time I could invest in this projects. It has taken me considerable time to learn and create this project.


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