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? Introduction

CrossSync is a socially-oriented web3 Dapp that runs on the Crossbell. CrossSync aims to allow a user-owned flow of social information.

Crossbell allows users the ability to take back their data ownership; CrossSync makes owning your data a fun and engaging social experience.

To get started, you’ll need go to Crossbell Faucet and get some $CSB. After you’ve connected your wallet and received the $CSB, you’ll be able to mint a profile on CrossSync.

? Special

You can find us on Gitcoin !

(Might need a little more time for the staff to approve the grant…)

? Installation

The latest stable version can be grabbed from Release Page with zipped file attached.

You can also migrate to Chrome Web Store for the published version. It might have some latency than the Release version because Google need to review it before publish.

⚙ Development

  1. Build dev pack

    • pnpm (recommended)

      pnpm install
      pnpm dev
  2. Navigate to chrome://extensions/

  3. Open Developer mode in the top right corner

  4. Click Load unpacked in the top left corner

  5. Select path/to/CrossSync/dist

? Builds

Release builds

You can navigate to Release page for the release packs.

Test builds

You can navigate to Workflow Run page for the test artifacts. If they are expired, you can build your own pack.

Build by yourself

  • pnpm (recommended)

    pnpm build


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