dAPPlace.xyz is a decentralised, collaborate, infinite social art game using web3 technology.

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daPPlace is a canvas for Infinite social art. People can place one colored pixel at a time, collaborating or competing in art battles. An NFT of the current canvas is minted after every 100 changes to the canvas. In parallel, people are bidding to own the NFT while it’s being created.


Deploy smart contracts

git clone https://github.com/chris-lovejoy/dAPPlace
cd dAPPlace/hardhat
npm install
npx hardhat compile
npx hardhat run scripts/deploy.js --network <your-network>

Run backend

cd server
npm install
node main

Run front-end

cd app
npm install
npm run serve
npm run build
npm run lint



This project was a collaborative effort between:

  • Jaoa Meyer
  • Chris Lovejoy
  • Ali Rizvi
  • Ignacio Pastor
  • Dave Brewer


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