Date picker for distant dates, such as birthday. Just three clicks to choose any month and day 20 or 50 years ago.


npm i vue-birth-datepicker --S

Inclusion to app

Import ES6

import birthDatepicker from 'vue-birth-datepicker';
// include 'vue-birth-datepicker/dist/vueBirthDatepicker.css' into your styles

Import .vue single file component

import birthDatepicker from 'vue-birth-datepicker/src/birth-datepicker';
// if substitution is working:
import birthDatepicker from 'vue-birth-datepicker/vue';

Don't need to include styles separately in this case. Vue-loader and scss loader required in you build system.


<script src=""></script>
<script src="./vueBirthDatepicker.umd.js"></script>
<link rel="stylesheet" href="./vueBirthDatepicker.css">


<birth-datepicker v-model="date" />


Configure datepicker look and behaviour with attributes

attribute type default value description
valueIsString boolean false If "true", value is a string of format depending on other attributes, by default like "1990.12.31". If "false" value is a unix milliseconds timestamp for local date 00 hours 00 minutes.
inline boolean false If "true", widget is shown as inline-block element. Otherwise as an input with opening dropdown.
high boolean false High dropdown view. If "true", months and days are above years. Otherwise all in one row.
hideHeader boolean false If "true", no header in dropdown will be shown.
closeOnSet boolean false If "true", dropdown will be automatically closed on select. Does not work in "inline" mode.
placeholder string '' Input placeholder. Does not work in "inline" mode.
wildcard string '_' Character in widget header instead of date, shown when is nothing selected.
attachment string 'bottom left' Placement of dropdown. Does not work in "inline" mode.
yearFirst boolean false If 'true', date will be displayed like '1970.12.31' otherwise like '31.12.1970'
delimiter string '.' Symbol between digits
maxYear number current year Maximum year value available to display and to choose. Undefined means unlimited.
minYear number undefined Minimum year value available to choose. Undefined means unlimited.
locale string, array 'en' Names of months. English and Russian locales are embeded, so you can specify 'en' or 'ru'. You can provide month names as an array, beginning with January name