WeNotes — Desktop Note-Taking App

Project Overview

This repository contains the code for a desktop note-taking application, designed and built for student to take study notes or jot down inspires.


Our note-taking application comes with a host of features designed for an efficient and comprehensive note-taking experience:

  1. Side-by-side Markdown Editing: The application allows for real-time markdown editing. With this feature, you can instantly preview your markdown syntax as you type.
  2. Comprehensive Set of Formatting Tools: Make your notes lively with our rich formatting tools. Enrich your content with headers, bold/italic text, lists, checkboxes, hyperlinks, images, code blocks, and more.
  3. Webpage snapshot: Automatically creates snapshots for pasted webpage links.


  1. Tree-like Folder Structure with Tags: Organize your notes effectively using our tree-like folder structure. You can also tag/pin or move your notes across folders for quick access and efficient categorization. The tags can be chosen from a spectrum of color.



  1. Document Searching: Quickly find the notes you need with our intuitive document search feature.
  2. Export Functionality: The application supports both HTML and PDF output options. This feature makes it easy for you to export and share your notes.
  3. Light and Dark Themes: Choose between light and dark themes based on your preference or working environment.


Build with

Getting Started

For mac users, double-click on the DMG file. Mac OS X will automatically mount it.

We welcome feedback and contributions from the community. Feel free to raise issues or submit pull requests.


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