Tonbun is a desktop app for reading and downloading manga. With clean distraction-free design and no clutter. Build with Rust, Tauri, Vue.js, and MangaDex API.

The app is still in early development and might be unstable. Feel free to contribute and make issues. If you have questions or suggestions, message me on Discord KPidS#3754 or on Telegram @KPidS.

Search and download mangas

Powered by MangaDex API

Reorder mangas in the library

So that the ones you are reading now are at the top

Read manga through a build-in reader

The app will remember the chapter and page when you stop reading


  • Add manga from a local source. If the manga your looking for isn’t on MangaDex, you can use HakuNeko to download it instead.
  • Fullscreen and windowed modes (F11), preserved window size.
  • Support for English and Russian languages for mangas you download.

Planned features:

  • Integration with Anilist and MyAnimeList to track progress.
  • Discord Rich Presence.
  • Support for long strip format.
  • Support for multiple connectors, like in HakuNeko.
  • Credits for scanlation group from MangaDex.
  • More languages.
  • More reader settings. The reader is janky right now.
  • Change the manga folder. Default is Documents/Mangas
  • Download only a part of the chapters, not all.
  • Check for new chapters and download them when they are available.
  • Folders in the library for a more convenient organization.
  • Read manga without downloading it.
  • Mobile app with synchronized progress.


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