Docus is the fastest way to create document-driven websites with Vue & Markdown.

Start a project with Docus

You can use this template to create a new project.

If you want to add Docus to an existing codebase, you can do so with:

  • Install the dependency:
npm install @nuxt-themes/docus
  • Add it to your extends key in nuxt.config:

  extends: '@nuxt-themes/docus'

Features ✨

  • +50 Components ready to build rich pages
  • Article, Docs and Blog layouts
  • Start from a README, scale to a framework documentation
  • Table of contents support
  • Configurable design system integration
  • Replace, extend, customize any component in a breeze
  • Leverages @nuxt-themes/typography
  • Used on Content Documentation

They are using it ?

Contributing ?

  1. Clone this repository
  2. Install dependencies using pnpm install --frozen-lockfile
  3. Run pnpm run prepare to generate type stubs.
  4. Use pnpm run dev to start docs or use pnpm run play to start playground in development mode.

License ?

MIT License


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